“For nearly ten years, Shayne has never disappointed my needs to have an informative, easy to navigate, and visually contemporary website. She has an eye for design and a commitment to meet her clients’ needs. She is resourceful and responsible when inevitable internet troubles rise. I recommend Shayne’s services to any business desiring website development, maintenance or updating.”

Patricia Morgan, MA, CCC, Solutions for Resilience

“As a result of my absolute delight with their business savvy, Catch This Design now provides my company with full graphic and technical support – from graphic design and marketing products to web design, e-commerce and online bookings, It is like having my own team of staff who are quick in their initiatives and implementations.”

Faith Wood, Inspiring Minds Consulting Ltd.

“Shayne listens. She has the ability to understand and produce what her client wants. She has deep knowledge and understanding of the mumbo-jumbo of the technical world, but is able to explain it in a way that a non-techy person actually gets it.”

Georgina Forrest, CPO, Smartworks Enterprises

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